Schrift People Project und im Hintergrund ein grauer Pfeil

progression and growth

ayxano, from ancient Greek, means progression and growth.


For us, it stands for delivering added value for the growth of your company to


  • Increase the success rate of your projects
  • Raise efficiency and learning aptitude of your organisation
  • Develop skills and competencies of your employees


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Our focus

  • Passion for People, Power for Projects
  • People and teams as people make projects successful
  • Scalable methods and processes, high performing systems and intuitive tools

Our competencies

  • Long practice experience and a team of highly qualified consultants
  • Project management, test management, methods, processes, tools and systems
  • Organisational development, change management and talent management

Our goals

  • Safeguard the success of your employees, your projects and your company
  • Inspire our customers and partners with successful projects
  • Combine best practices with opportunities from innovative approaches and ideas

Our values

  • Honesty, openness, reliability and transparency are our basis for success
  • Partnering with customers on eye level - we care, we take ownership
  • No excuses – just get it done

our portfolio

Project Management

We accompany firms, ranging from those with just a few internal projects to enterprises with a business model based on the professional and successful delivery of customer projects. Our portfolio includes support for specific projects and teams as well as building global project management organisations.

Organisation Development

Millennials and Generation Z represent a challenge for all organisations. To win and retain the most talented staff, it is not only necessary to provide flexible working conditions, but to offer new approaches to performance management and professional development too. We support you in building gainful concepts for career development with targeted programmes and effective processes.

Vier Hände welche sich gegenseitig festhalten

Portfolio Project

project management

Project Management Maturity

We help to build up your project management maturity for your company starting from organisational structure, through recruiting and professional development up to methods and processes as well as infrastructure. 
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Project Delivery

Our project managers have multiyear experience and manage your projects from initiation and planning to execution and successful closure.
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Project pilot

Our project management experts support in the background to ensure project success and deliver effective on the job training for your project managers.
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Project coach

We provide help for project managers and project teams in critical situations or even proactively to secure effective teamwork.
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Project evaluation and recovery

Based on a quick project review or detailed project audit, our approach allows us to identify the core issues, to define constructive solutions and to implement the recovery plan successfully.
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Our project accompanying seminars combine successful learning and project progress. Effective apprenticeship without losing time for the project.
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Portfolio People

organisational development

We focus on a holistic approach for successful organisations with well-educated team members connected in a task oriented structure, supported by targeted methods and effective processes in a functional infrastructure with high performing systems and intuitive tools.
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Change Management

Our certified change management experts accompany all initiatives and projects with a professional change management approach to secure sustainable success.

Define organisational structure

We support you to find the structure which best fits to your strategy, goals, values and culture.

Human resources development and management

We delivery best solutions to build professional human resource management starting with needs based recruiting through targeted apprenticeship up to motivating performance management processes to connect company and employee goals.

Methods and Process optimization

We grow the maturity level of your organisation with company wide adoption of efficient methods and processes as the basis for reproducible and sustainable project success.

Infrastructure Selection and Implementation

We support you with the selection and implementation of the best solution to build a functional and optimized infrastructure as the basis for the performance of your teams.
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Zwei Puzzleteile werden zusammengeführt

partner network – experts for your success

In order to always provide you with the best support and consultation, we use a partner network with experts from all kinds of knowledge areas.

This ensures that you will always have the right person for your challenge.

To guarantee that all services and deliverables fulfil our high quality standards, your contractual partner and first point of contact is always ayxano.

Take advantage of more than 25 years of experience in project management and organisation development, especially at a global level.

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