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Since January 2020 we are partnering with Actee and certified to use their gamification based learning modules for consulting and seminars.

With Actee's portfolio we are enhancing our consulting and training services in the area of change management, leadership and communication by this modern learning approach. This fits perfectly to our mindset of practice oriented education and consulting.

900 Cities in 120 countries

Since August 12th 2019 we have a new Office. We are using a modern Office center, which allows us to be close to all our customers and Partners in 900 cities and 120 countries. 

Our new address:

ayxano Consulting GmbH
Kapstadtring 7
D-22297 Hamburg

Fon:+49 (40) 82217 - 5040
Fax:+49 (40) 82217 - 5001

Agile Project Management and Systemic Change Management

ayxano Consulting and beings-in business offers brand new compact seminar for agile project management and systemic change management.

These two important disciplines complement and presuppose one another. Unfortunately seminars are mainly offered separetly only. We close this gap and offer an effective approach to learn the necessary know how and armamentarium for both disciplines. This allows you to fulfil the role of the framer as well as a sparrings partner for both areas.

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Solutions 2018 in Hamburg

Die Solutions 2018, das Mega-Event zum Thema Digitalisierung in Hamburg. 3 days, 500 Speaker, 5.000 Decision Makers & Experten presented by Silpion Events GmbH.

Partnering with Silpion, ayxano is offering a special workshop about project management.

Together with the participants, we want to discuss the responsibilities of a PMO, identify the needs it has related to infrastructure and build strategies how those requirements are best fulfilled based on the Atlassian product suite.

There are still far too many projects burning valuable working time with ineffective processes and inefficient tools. Even worse, results are far below expectations and teams get frustrated on boring administrative tasks instead of working creatively on value adding tasks. The management is unable to make any good decisions in time because of missing or outdated information. They get surprised by problems popping up unexpectedly and are caught in a purely reactive mode.

All this results in projects running out of budget with continuously moving milestones and multiple conflicts and escalations. Customer satisfaction is just a dream.

Transparency was always the key for successful projects. In today’s world forcing agile methodologies it is a Must Have. Technology is available and provides options like never before. From technology point of view digitalization is moving fast. On the implementation and adoption side we are still at the starting point, especially in project management.

We are looking forward to work with you to make first step, build a common understanding about the requirements and develop potential strategies to address them.

PM Summit Logo

ayxano Consulting is Premium Sponsor of the 5th PM-Summit

„The Human Success Factor in Projects“ 2018

organized by PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V.

Please visit us on November 12th, 2018 at Hotel Hilton am Tucherpark, Munich.

Our Events on the PM Summit:

  • Presentation:
    "The human factor in agile transition"
    with follow up discussion in LabSpace.
  • Workshop:
    "Conflict prevention with human success factor"