organisation development

Benefit from our experience in setting up and implementing local and global organisation. To ensure fast progress, we focus on raising the maturity and reducing the complexity of the specific organisation in question. We Always follow our  four pillars Approach to cover all important aspects of a working Organisation.

4 Pillars approach for organisational development

Organisation - The key to success

We support you in selecting the best solution for your business out of all the different organisational models. Classic, agile or hybrid - it has to match your company culture, your Team and your projects. In parallel, a well-defined change management ensures alignment between the values of your company and your employees.

Employees - The puls of your company

We promote the willingness and ability of your team members to perform by effectively aligning career paths, professional development and performance management. Our Pilot-Model for project and change management ensures fast and secure Progress for your team members. This binds the most talented staff to the organisation.

Methodology - The basis for professionalism

Prerequisites for a profitable business are practice-oriented methods and targeted processes. To optimise those for your business we reduce complexity and focus on increasing the maturity level of your Organisation accompanied by a professional change management.

Infrastructure - The foundation for efficiency

We enable your Organisation to show highest Performance based on the right infrastructure with professional systems and tools. We support you to find the best solutions and, above all, implementing them in a professional way based on our Long experience and expertise.

Ein Schachbrett in schwarz weiß

change management

Are you looking for effective processes? A new software solution for digitising your workflows? Are you even thinking about a complete restructuring strategy?

All this requires organisational change management in order to be successful by ensuring that all stakeholders understand, lead and actively contribute to the implementation of the necessary changes. This is not easy but is a mandatory requirement for enabling the expected results.

As certified partners of Prosci ADKAR and Actee, we can offer you the complete spectrum of change management from consultation to detailed analysis and planning, up to and including professional implementation.

We are offering a brand new compact apprenticeship for project management and change management. In four modules you will learn the fundamental knowledge and armamentarium of these closely related disciplines.

Compact seminar PM-CM

seminars for project management

„Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Let me do it and I will understand.”

This quote from the famous Confucius best describes our concept of accompanying seminars for your project managers. Following well-structured training days, attendees gain many new insights, ideas and experience and apply these directly to their projects.

Practice as opposed to theory. You learn what is really needed, acknowledging that project management is a hands-on task. Of course, we also convey methods, but instead of working on theoretic examples not related to your business, we work directly on your projects. We offer the following seminars:

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Ein Plan für Projektmanagement
Ein Vogelschwarm welcher wie ein Pfeil fliegt

Leadership and communication seminars

Managers at all levels are facing more and more challenges: interdisciplinary tasks, matrix organisation, a broad scope of seniority and expertise in the teams, internal and external employees, cross-cultural teams, time and cost pressure. Besides a structured approach, this requires leadership competence and very good communication skills.

Be inspired by our seminars, which differ greatly from conventional approaches and have been successful for many years. We offer a real experience for your project managers and leaders, enabling them to go beyond their current limits.

  • Leadership
  • Communication

Supervisors should be guideposts – often they are more like roadblocks. ayxano offers very special seminars about leadership. Far away from the usual management methods, training in these seminars focuses on the basics of being a good leader – we ourselves.

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More than 80 per cent of success depends on the right communication. It is the most important skill for the difficult leadership tasks of your supervisors and project managers. Look forward to fascinating training, which is an eye-opener and makes constructive dialogues your new strength. As in all our seminars, we follow our practice-oriented concept.

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Coaching and mentoring for leadership and project management

Being successful in project management requires not only training, seminars and workshops, but practice and experience too.

To ensure the best progress, we offer professional coaching and mentoring for your project managers and project teams.

As a follow-up activity after our seminars as well as independent of participation in our seminars.






Zwei Personen welche sich die Hand geben
Einige Personen sitzen im Kreis und diskutieren

project mediation

Projects are always accompanied by some explosive issues. The more parties involved, the more conflict areas exist. A successful project is the goal, having all kinds of issues is the reality. Sorting out the question of guilt is usually difficult and does not always provide a solution.

Our project mediation brings the parties back together to find a solution and safeguards the success of the project.

Thanks to our partner network, we will find the best mediator for your situation.