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ayxano seminar concept

The students work on their active project. This turns the time in the seminar into project time and results in "return on Investment".

By working on the active Project the learning is applied right away and no effort to Transfer theoretical case studies into practice. This results in time and cost savings and ensures a very effective Training for the students.

For our Leadership and communication seminary we follow a similar approach. In  the seminar we are focused on practicing while the theory is owned  in between the seminar day through self study of our training materials.

Your advantages:
  1. Project progress: your project managers and teams work on their current project.
  2. Cost reduction: working time for the project instead of pure seminar time.
  3. Direct adoption: no need to transfer theoretical examples to the real project.
  4. Satisfaction and success guaranteed!
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compact apprenticeship

agile project management &
systemic change management

Competitiveness requires successful change processes and projects. To realize this you need contemporary competencies to professionally control and accompany the organization and people on methodical as well as social and cultural level.

A professional project management ensures a process oriented and stakeholder focussed leadership. However, it can only be successful if related change aspects are identified and managed by accompanying stakeholders through all phases of the change.

Project management and change management are two complementary disciplines, which need to be applied in parallel in order to ensure sustainable success. Based on this credo and experience we developed this special series of seminars.

You will learn all necessary competencies from both areas and take doubled benefit from our extensive experience in projects and organizational change processes.

A compact apprenticeship for:

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, managing directors, HR representatives and organizational developers, executive managers, project managers, PMO leaders and any other interested parties.

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beginner seminar

Target audience

Our basic seminar offers a simple entry point. It is valuable to everybody who is involved in projects and part of a project team. This includes, but is not limited to, project managers, sub-project leaders and even complete project teams.

Seminar goal

Get an initial overall understanding of project management. Learn the basics, get used to methods and apply them directly in practice.

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advanced seminar

Target audience

Our advanced level seminar is targeted at project managers and project teams who already have experience or have attended the Beginners seminar.

Seminar goal

Get a detailed understanding of project management methodology and apply successfully in practice – we customise our seminars to the specific requirements of your company and your business model.

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pmp-certification seminar

Target audience

Most project managers are afraid of having to go through a PMP® certification (Project Management Professional).

However, this helps the individual and the organisation to achieve a common language and a consistent level of quality and professionalism.

Seminar goal

We know how you and your project managers can master this challenge and successfully pass the certification test. Use our course to prepare – we guarantee success!

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seminars for special topics

Target audience

All project managers who want to dig deeper into special topics. We build professional development programmes customised to your specific needs.

Seminar goal

The expected outcome will be defined by our customers to ensure learning material fits your needs and can be applied in real-life situations right away. We give a clear focus on maturity versus complexity to ensure success and fast return on investment.

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leadership seminar

Target audience

Supervisors should be guideposts – often they are more like roadblocks. ayxano offers very special seminars about Leadership - from leaders for leaders.

Seminar goal

Far away from the usual management methods, training in these seminars focuses on the basics of being a good leader – we ourselves.

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communication seminar

Target audience

More than 80 per cent of success depends on the right communication. It is the most important skill for the difficult leadership tasks of your supervisors and project managers.

Seminar goal

Look forward to fascinating training, which is an eye-opener and makes constructive dialogues your new strength. As in all our seminars, we follow our practice-oriented concept.

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seminar dates and registration

Because of the special concept of our other project management seminars, those are only delivered for closed groups. Please use the contact form to request information and we will contact you to discuss further details.

For our compact seminar agile project management and systemic change management please use our application form.

For all other seminars please contact us by e-mail or phone.



seminar dates 2019/20

Agile project management and systemic change management:

Module 1: Thu-Sat 26.-28.09.2019
Module 2: Thu-Sat 07.-10.11.2019
Module 3: Thu-Sat 09.-11.01.2020
Module 4: Thu-Sat 13.-15.02.2020