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About us

we safeguard the success of projects
& organisations

Take advantage of our 25+ years of experience. We know how to combine processes, methods and tools to build an operative and effective environment and, of course, the importance of your employees. We are experts in project management and organisational development. We do not just focus on methods - we work for people with people.

Successful projects inspire. We combine tried-and-tested practices with the opportunities stemming from innovative ideas. Lasting success and a leading position require continuous evolution.

Winners are already recognised at the starting post – let us take off together.

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Project Management

safeguard the success of
your projects

  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Success

Is your business based on the success of your projects?

Then we are your expert partner, ranging from recruitment and professional development of your project managers and project management offices to building a complete project management organisation. 

Take advantage of our expertise in defining and implementing demand-driven methodology, practice-oriented processes, professional tools and effective training programmes for project management, communication and leadership.

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Are you looking for support with your projects?

We provide coaching for your project managers and deliver your projects with a classic and agile approach based on the vast experience of our experts, partners, and supported by our tried-and-tested methods, processes and tools.

Take advantage of our long year experience.

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Do you rely mainly on people?

Then we are your perfect partner. We build on the power of people, on each and every team member and all stakeholders, to ensure project success.

Methods are merely the means to enable fast progress.

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Zwei Personen sitzen auf einem Sofa vor einem Tisch und planen etwas

Organisation Development

increase opportunities for
your company

Are you planning to prepare your organisation for the future challenges and commit to your employees?

Projects or operations: we are here to support you from the planning through to the implementation. Ranging from the very first idea to initiating successful change management.

With us as a partner, you can build an innovative organisation – with modern working models, targeted professional development, binding career paths and motivating performance management.

Achieve success and keep hold of the most talented.

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Training & Coaching

increase the potential of
your employees

"You think knowledge and education is expensive?
Think about ignorance and incompetence!"

Sir Winston Churchill

Our customers often have concerns about their investments in the professional development of their employees in case they leave the company. However, how successful can your business be with poorly trained personnel? It is a fact that professional development is high on the list for employees rating their employer. It ensures loyalty and means a clear competitive advantage in the market and winning the fight for highly talented people. Benefit from this advantage with our special ayxano seminars.

  • Training Organisations
  • Seminars

Are you planning to build sustainable professional development for your employees? Take advantage of our experience in building effective training programmes, and not just in the field of project management. Are you interested in implementing a complete training organisation?

Avoid an expensive trial and error approach and invest in the future of your company based on our experience and expertise.

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Are you looking for special training programmes? Take a look and be inspired by our successful concept for leadership and communication seminars.

Are you missing the necessary resources to allow your project managers and project teams to attend seminars? Save time and money with your unique project-accompanying training –adjusted exactly to your current projects, based on real-life situations instead of simulations. This ensures fast and effective learning.

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ayxano interactive, project accompanying seminars
Our portfolio - people and projects

People & Project

passion for people
power for projects

What is key for the success of a project? Not only the methods and processes, but also the tools and systems. First and foremost it is the people who ensure progress – how they work together in teams determines success or failure. Essential for success are:

  • People and their performance in teams, projects and organisations
  • Strengths of employees and how they identify with the company
  • Customers, who embrace your products and services 

Let us work together to build projects and organisations by putting people first – made possible through knowledge of human nature, leadership competence and good communication. This creates the power for real innovation and builds the basis for the success of your company.

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Since January 2020 we are partnering with Actee and certified to use their gamification based learning modules for consulting and seminars.

With Actee's portfolio we are enhancing our consulting and training services in the area of change management, leadership and communication by this modern learning approach. This fits perfectly to our mindset of practice oriented education and consulting.

900 Cities in 120 countries

Since August 12th 2019 we have a new Office. We are using a modern Office center, which allows us to be close to all our customers and Partners in 900 cities and 120 countries. 

Our new address:

ayxano Consulting GmbH
Kapstadtring 7
D-22297 Hamburg

Fon:+49 (40) 82217 - 5040
Fax:+49 (40) 82217 - 5001