Neither a protected nor a particularly clear term. Rather a rather well trodden one. Nevertheless, we use it here for lack of good alternatives.

What is it about?

We want to support project managers. It is a difficult role, because every project - if it is a real project - is unique. Yes there are always parallels, but seemingly identical situations can differ in important details and already the cooking recipe is useless?

Finding the right way under extreme time pressure and high expectations with difficult stakeholders and all kinds of people is not easy even for experienced project managers. For novices in this field, it can be like pot-beating in a minefield.

We already arrange our seminars and workshops in such a way that the participants immediately work on their real project. But even that does not protect you from difficult situations.

Professionelle Geschäftsleute Diskussion im Büro Organisation, Gruppe von Business Team Meeting Office Workplace, Event-Management der Investition.
Zwei Geschäftsleute schütteln sich die Hand vor einem Bürohintergrund.

Dem wollen wir mit unserem Coaching entgegentreten.

As a contact and sparring partner, we do not have the answer to all problems, but we offer decades of experience and a profound knowledge of this huge field. Here we offer not only support in project management, but generally coaching and consulting for professional orientation, further education, leadership and communication topics..

Free of charge but not for nothing:

For all participants of our seminars and workshops we are permanently available as a discussion partner - free of charge. We also offer free coaching for pupils, students, graduates and young professionals who are new to the topic of project management. For all others, we offer a free initial consultation.

Three conditions:

  • Genuine interest in professional project management
  • Willingness to learn continuously
  • Willingness to help others