You have too few and / or too little experienced project managers?

You want to train your employees in project management without jeopardizing your projects?

You are looking for experts to support your project managers in special projects?

Do as any experienced captain would:

In unfamiliar and difficult waters, such as port entrances, even experienced captains need support from a knowledgeable pilot. As a Hamburg-based company, we have adopted this model for supporting projects, project managers and project teams.

Challenging phases are part of the nature of all entrepreneurial ventures and projects are nothing else. A broad spectrum of experience is the basis for recognizing unknown risks in time and acting in a goal-oriented manner. Our project pilots offer you the experience of many national and international companies and projects.

  • As experts
    we develop resilient project plans with your project managers
  • As coaches
    we support your project managers in all tasks
  • As project managers
    we take over the helm temporarily if required
  • As sparring partner
    we provide professional preparation for critical negotiations
  • As moderators
    we relieve your project managers in important meetings
  • As trainers
    we show your project managers new approaches, methods, processes and tools
  • As consultants
    we provide impartial transparency on all levels
 Lotse, Kapitän als Pat der Schiffsbesatzung bei der Verrichtung der täglichen Aufgaben mit UKW-Funk

This allows your project managers to fulfill their role and develop further without risk. You can delegate more responsibility to your employees in a relaxed manner and relieve yourself. Project managers and teams experience risk-free learning on and in real projects.

Let us keep your project in safe waters.

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