project management - from leading projects to building strategic PMOs

ayxano accompanies you in all areas of project management – from individual projects to project-based business models. We provide in-depth expertise to optimise your project. Where needed, we implement professional portfolio management and build a project management organisation – even at a global level.

We have special expertise in IT implementation projects (PLM, ERP, LMS) as well as organisational development (project management, PMOs, professional development). From coaching for your project managers to accountable project delivery.

Take advantage of our classic and agile methods, processes and tools especially for:

  • Project planning, execution and control
  • Project evaluation and recovery
  • Test management
  • Quality management
  • Systems for project management and teams
  • Reporting, performance management (EVM)
Portfolio von einem Projektmanagement

pmo - setup and operations

The Goal: Overarching management of all your products, programs and projects in line with your vision, market, business goals and strategy.

The approach: Professional portfolio-, program- and project management driven by a product and project oriented organization - the PMO.

The result: Profitable investments based on effective prioritization and focusing, optimized resource usage, enablement of synergies, risk reduction and maximizing chances.

pmo - types

Level, focus and duties vary largely between the different PMO types.

Structurally this goes from the project office for operational support, via divisional PMOs for business units, programs or projects up to an strategic PMO for corporate wide portfolio management.

An additional option is an competence center. Due to usually very limited influence this may work well for standardization and increasing the maturity level but not for the realization of improvements in business results. Therefore it should only be seen as a parallel option supporting the other forms of PMOs.

All types of PMOs can be combined in various ways. A strategic PMO can oversee multipler divisional PMOs supported by a central of´r even multiple specific project offices.The different PMO Teams can then form a competence center to drive development and implementation of methodology and infrastructure as well as usage of best practices. 

  • Strategic
  • Specific
  • Support
  • PM-Center
Silver Bullet – Strategic PMO

Portfoliomanagement is THE classic Task of a strategic PMO. A structured approach integrates all levels, allows an agile and classic approach (even in parallel) and sets the focus on product and customers.

  • Level: Corporate level (inter-divisional)
  • Focus: Portfolio (Product, Program, Project)
  • Duties: 

    • Strategy-Development, -Planning, -Realization
    • Project-, Program- und Portfolio-Governance on corporate level
    • Stakeholder management and communication on corporate level
    • Steering of subordinate PMOs 

Federalism – Division and Project PMO

The divisional PMO allows for different structural levels to address specific Needs in various areas. 
Example: The product portfolio may consist of hardware and software development, which require different methods and processes in the project management of those areas.

  • Level: Division, group and project
  • Focus: Management and standardization
  • Duties: 

    • Project-, Program-Governance and management
    • Stakeholder management and communication
    • Steering PM teams 

Load removal – Project Office

Agile or classical, a Project Office enable structure, continuity and transparency in Projects.

  • Level: Overarching or project specific
  • Focus: Operational support
  • Duties: 

    • Relieve Teams  and saving time for Your project managers and teams 
    • Professional Monitoring and control to prepare all information professionally and provide on time.
    • Offering transparency through up to date dashboards as a basis for reasoned decisions and successful measurements at the right time.
    • Keep motivation by reducing time consuming administrative tasks for the Team members.
    • Digital transformation using a professional PM system in all areas.
    • Saving time and money  by increasing effectiveness and efficiency beyond the project scope.
    • Secure data and information ensuring compliance rules and controlling data quality and information flow.

Expert knowledge – the Competence Center

The competence center ideally consist of representatives from all the PMOs working together to continuously improve the maturity of the whole organisation.

  • Level: Corporate level (inter-divisional)
  • Focus: Methodology and Infrastructure
  • Duties:

    • Methods development and implementation
    • Process development and optimization
    • Implementation of systems and tools
    • Consulting for project teams and management
    • Build expert Knowledge and using synergies
    • Training and coaching

Ein Boot auf hoher See

project pilot

In critical areas, in particular, the captain needs somebody to manoeuvre the ship safely into harbour. We offer pilots for your projects.

Challenging phases are an integral part of all projects and undertakings. Based on a broad spectrum of expertise, risks can be uncovered in time to allow for targeted mitigation strategies and activities.

Our project pilots offer expertise from many national and international companies. As the trainer and coach, we provide background support to your project managers.

As experienced project managers, we stand in the front line. Whatever option you choose, we help you to keep the project in the safe fairway.

project evaluation und project recovery

If projects are already in a precarious situation, there is only one thing that helps: experience. We have accumulated long-term experience with many small and large, national and international projects. This gives us the expertise to know how to best analyse and recover critical cases.

We do not limit our service to evaluation and consulting. We offer full support for definition and execution of the recovery plan and all related tasks. Starting from the coaching for your project manager up to taking full responsibility for the implementation of the recovery plan.

Project management is our profession.

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  • Review
  • Assessment
  • Audit
  • Recovery
First impression – project review

In a short timeframe the project reviews provide a substantiated report with a focus on the project management areas. Based on this, we can define corrective actions or use it to scale the project assessment or project audit to the most critical Areas.

Quality check – project assessment

The assessment is based on a checklist built on our long-term experience with multiple projects. Questionnaires combined with analysis of processes, methods, documentation and other artefacts followed by interviews of team members and stakeholders result in a precise recovery plan.

Detailed analyses – project audit

Our most comprehensive and detailed project evaluation. In the audit we analyse all aspects and areas of your project. Running a project review first allows us to scale the project audit to just specific Areas.

Recovery plan – targeted help for your project

Whatever option you choose, you will always get a detailed report as the basis for a project-specific recovery plan. We also provide full support to execute this plan with our project pilots and project Managers.

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Mehrere bunte Zahnräder

test management for software development projects

The main success criteria for software development projects is user acceptance, which is driven by usability quality and stability of the solution. To ensure these criteria are fulfilled, a professional approach to software testing needs to be applied.

We are versed in the art of test management for classic as well as agile-driven projects. This expertise enables us to support you in applying the best combination of functional and non-functional as well as exploratory testing.

We also know how to best select the approach and infrastructure to ensure that your project remains within the given timeframe and budget.

Take advantage of our services:

  • Risk-based testing
  • Selection and implementation of professional tools for test management and automation
  • Cost-efficient cloud solutions