No more desire for

Standard trainings with little positive effects and a lot of burned time?

Advertised practical orientation with theoretical case studies without reference to your practice?

Training deficits in your teams because there is no time for further training in the projects?

ayxano seminar concept

The participants work on their active project. Seminar time becomes project time and what is learned is directly implemented in the real project. No transfer of theoretical case studies. Immense time and cost savings and a particularly effective learning for the participants.

Your advantages

Project progress

Your project managers and teams work on their real project

Cost reduction

Seminar time as working time for the project avoids the main cost driver

Direct adaptation

Immediate implementation with immediate added value and lasting learning success

The same applies to our seminars for leadership and communication. Here, too, the focus is on practice. Participants acquire the necessary theory with our training material between the seminar days; during the seminar days, the focus is on practical application.

Business Team Training Zuhören Meeting-Konzept

Project Management Seminars


Target audience

It is suitable for everyone involved in projects. Aspiring project managers and sub-project managers up to project teams.

Seminar Objective

Get a first overall picture, learn basic methods, processes and tools that can be directly applied in practice.


Target audience

The advanced seminar is primarily designed for project managers and teams who have already completed basic training.

Seminar Objective

Deepen knowledge of methods, processes and tools and apply them successfully in practice. Scalable to your needs.


Target audience

All project managers who meet the requirements for certification and want to take the exam within one year.

Seminar Objective

We know how you and your employees can succeed. Let our course prepare you effectively - with a guarantee of success!

Deep dive

Target audience

Seminars on specific topics for those who want to build in-depth expertise and obtain or renew certification.

Seminar Objective

This is determined according to need and applicability with the client based on the respective maturity level.

Management Seminars


Target audience

Anyone with the determination to become a good leader with and without a disciplinary supervisor function.

Seminar objective

Superiors should be signposts - but they often resemble roadblocks. A special seminar on leadership for all those with leadership responsibilities.

Far from the usual management methods, we train the basis for our leadership success - ourselves.


Target audience

Anyone who wants to learn and apply new and proven approaches to successful communication.

Seminar objective

Communication is the key to success. It is probably the most important skill for the difficult leadership tasks of your project managers.

Look forward to an exciting training that will open your eyes and make constructive dialogues your strength.

Change & Project

Target audience

Entrepreneurs, organizational developers, executives, project managers, PMO officers.

Seminar objective

Project and change management are complementary disciplines that can only ensure lasting success when applied together.

We provide you with the necessary competencies from both areas in a compact and practical manner.