PMO as a Service

The status report of your projects mainly fulfills wishful thinking?

""All good - everybody happy!""

How reality relates to planning, no one seems to analyze?

"Don't paint the black now!"

Where all this leads, no one really dares to estimate?

"We'll get there!"

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In our practice, we repeatedly see projects that can provide no or little resilient answers to the three fundamental questions in the project.

What are they?

  1. Status:     
    Where does our project stand today?
  2. Analysis:     
    How has the project performed so far against the baseline plan?
  3. Forecast:     
    What does this mean for the remaining life of the project?
The fundamental problems that make answering the
questions so difficult are primarily:
  • Ineffective methods
  • Inadequate infrastructure, systems and tools
  • Inefficient processes
  • Capacity constraints
  • Lack of standards
  • Lack of know-how


Do you know some of the problems listed here and  want to finally solve them?

  • Are you struggling with too many systems,
    tools, methods, processes and maturity levels of your customers and in your own organization?
  • Are you missing a scalable solution
    for different project sizes and have to "creatively" accommodate administrative efforts within the team?
  • Your teams burn precious time 
    for these administrative tasks, cannot use their professional competences to 100% and lose their motivation?
  • You miss transparent reports,
    you recognize risks and problems late, can only react and lose margin due to poor project performance?
  • Dissatisfied employees 
    lead to high fluctuation, a loss of skills and know-how and the associated costs?
  • You have no portfolio management,,
    can't compare projects and have to prioritize resources according to gut feeling because hard facts are missing?
  • You lose valuable know-how,,
    because efficient processes for a learning organization are missing or not implemented sustainably?

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What needs to change?


Structure, continuity and transparency as critical success factors, whether agile or traditional
  • Leverage digitization:
    A modern PMIS* with professional tools offers ease of collaboration at and with all levels.
  • Scale organization:
    The modular approach to a project office allows for customization based on project needs, team and client.
  • Ease the burden on teams:
    Your employees work in a focused manner, avoid unnecessary administration and ensure project success through their expertise.
  • Professional management:
    All information for planning, implementation, monitoring, controlling and closing is prepared in a timely and professional manner.
  • Provide transparency:
    The basis for effective portfolio management, well thought-out decisions and successful measures at the right time.
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  • Ensure motivation:
    By reducing time-consuming administration, teams leverage their core competencies and ensure project success.
  • Securing knowledge:  
    Continuous growth through process optimization to secure usable documentation for functioning knowledge management.
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Create a head start for your projects with a functioning project office

  • Scalable project management system,,
    configured as required, cloud-based and optionally with interfaces to customer systems.
  • Targeted support for project managers,,
    teams, scrum masters, product owners and all project participants and stakeholders.
  • Cost-efficient relief of your teams
    Enables improved project results, on-time delivery and optimized use of your team competencies.
  • Problem avoidance
    Project status and performance are made transparent, risks are identified and solutions are proactively enabled.
  • Administrative time is reduced
    Management and teams gain valuable time for project management and implementation.
  • Professional portfolio management
    Management and teams make decisions based on numbers, data and facts.
  • Process capability and maturity of the organization increases
    Resources are optimized, costs are saved and knowledge management is ensured.

You've probably heard this before. But what sounds so simple and logical, shows some hurdles and pitfalls in practice. Individual projects survive thanks to a good project team and with the usual tools from Microsoft and Co.

A functioning project office is more than one employee or maybe a small team that supports the project to the best of its ability and tries to keep the management informed. A functioning project office accompanies the project from planning to completion, providing the necessary plans, documents, data, analyses, forecasts, decisions and securing know-how in all phases.

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Project Office

This always requires investment in four areas: organization, people, methodology and infrastructure. This already shows that the This already shows that the establishment of a professional project office is associated with an effort that often exceeds the possibilities. Especially, if this effort is to be made just for one project at the start of the project.

Organization - Creating foundation

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Define project office tasks and provide resources and support with the objective of a standard for all projects as a basis for project portfolio management.

Employees - Empowering teams

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Provide expert know-how, train team members, build competencies in a targeted manner, and secure knowledge through a learning organization.

Methodology - Optimize processes

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Agile or classic - with a focus on the maturity level of the organization, minimize complexity through effective, goal-oriented methods and efficient processes.

Infrastructure - Ensure transparency

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Ensure efficient collaboration internally and externally with up-to-date solutions, deliver facts and resilient forecasts, and enable educated decisions.

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If you look at the amount of tasks a project office has, the challenge becomes even clearer. Throughout all phases of
planning, monitoring, control, and completion, many different processes and tasks that build on each other
must be completed. And these tasks must be performed continuously over the entire project duration,
because there is no such thing as the much-cited simple waterfall in any real project.
Also the currently hyped agile projects will not work without the processes and tasks mentioned.

Phase-Cycle in a project office
Expand know-how
Make your success last forever
  • Elaboration of the history
  • Archiving of results/documents
  • Updates of the process inventory
  • Reviews and retrospectives
  • Project closure

* EVM = Earned Value Monagernent

Create foundation
Take the lead from the start
  • Project plan, backlogs, roadmap, baseline
  • Project schedule, PI-/Sprintplan, Baseline
  • Team and resource plan
  • Quality plan
  • Risk analysis/planning
Secure success
Let yourself and your teams shine
  • Performance/Velocity forecasts
  • Updates/corrections for all areas
  • Optimization of the use of resources
  • Communication, documentation
  • Acceptance/release processes
Accompanying progress
Ensure clear visibility throughout
  • Progress measurement
  • Verification, validation
  • Evaluation of project performance (EVM)
  • Quality control, audits
  • Protocols, progress reports
Living transparency
Move into the digital fast lane
  • PM Information System PMIS
  • Access Rights and Accounts
  • Dashboards
  • Document Management
  • System Maintenance
  • Analyses
  • Apps for function extension
  • Documentation
  • Forecasts
  • Interfaces to other systems
  • Status
  • Knowledge management

Project office as a service -
this is how it works

Quickly set up and scalable - Optimized to your needs

Set the frame parameters

You tell us the parameters of your project such as type, methodology, scope/budget, duration, team size and structure.


Choose your services

You choose the services you want from our portfolio for planning, monitoring, control, closure and infrastructure.


Plan scope of services

We determine a detailed, structured effort estimate, and agree with you on the services portfolio you need.


Implement & optimize

We control the services, show optimization possibilities, reduce the unnecessary and add meaningful extensions.


Support in setting up your own internal project office

If you want to set up your own internal project office, we also offer active support. For successful implementation, we work together in the four areas already mentioned. Because you will only be able to meet your expectations if the organization actively supports the initiative, the methodology runs hand in hand with your business processes, the infrastructure with high-performance systems and intuitive tools really takes the pressure off the teams, and all employees acquire the necessary skills.

An agile approach definitely lends itself to this. Because all adjustments in all areas must always prove themselves in practice. A big bang is neither helpful nor realistic here. In general, the necessary adjustments all have a strong impact on your employees and teams at all levels. Successful implementation therefore also requires professional change management.

Planning of the measures

We work with you to create a roadmap that is realistic for your situation, with clear objectives according to your needs.


Optimization of your methodology

We look at your methodology, identify opportunities for improvement with you, and implement them with your staff.


Setting up your infrastructure

We support you in implementing a needs-based infrastructure with integrated systems and intuitive tools.


Development of your employees

Our project pilots support your team during the adaptation of the methods and processes and the use of the systems and tools.