Spark in projects

  • Suppliers and contractors do not deliver as promised
  • Employees are being ground down between departments
  • Projects struggle for scarce resources
  • Products do not meet agreed requirements
  • Partners fight constant changes
  • Constant disputes within the team
  • Disagreements over agreed milestones
  • Political tactics jeopardize project success


  • Focus on the question of guilt
  • Ignoring the problems
  • Email battles
  • Provocative communication
  • Talking instead of listening
  • Overlooking hidden conflicts

Solution option Mediation

  • offers space for mutual understanding
  • opens the view under the surface
  • paves the way for a new way of living together
  • supports the parties involved in finding a solution
  • ensures planning and implementation
  • avoids expensive legal disputes
Wirtschaftsmediator stoppt fallende Holz-Dominos mit der Hand

Mediation is an increasingly used way to solve conflicts that

  • massively hinder the project work or even make it impossible
  • can no longer be resolved by other means
  • cause a permanent destruction of trust and cooperation
  • threaten a legal dispute

Mediation is possible between two or more parties, whether individuals or teams. We work with you to find the right format and the right mediators.