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Project Management Introduction

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Our experts support you in defining, planning and building your project management and PM team. Agile implementation for rapid benefits and operational support for continuous improvement.

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  • Software development
  • Hardware development
  • Introduction of software solutions and systems
  • Exchange of software solutions with data migration
  • Change management projects
  • Organization development and reconstruction

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We are enthusiastic practitioners in the field of project management and have been active worldwide as experts in the field of project remediation for many years. The combination of proven procedures with the opportunities of innovative approaches is our strength.

We do not fall for the Methodology Myth or the apparent omnipotence of tools, but know how to use their advantages pragmatically and consistently.

Especially in the area of project performance, we clearly stand out from our competitors. We work with people for people and have repeatedly succeeded in ensuring the trusting cooperation that is critical to the success of any project through open and binding communication, and in securing it in the long term through clear, consistent leadership.

    Our employees and partners are certified according to both classic and agile standards and can draw on an extensive repertoire of methods and processes as well as many years of experience in a wide range of industries and sectors:

    • Software development and IT
    • Aviation
    • Automotive
    • Consulting
    • Consumer goods
    • Mechanical engineering
    • High Tech
    • Banks
    Handarbeit mit Projektleiter und Icons über die Planung von Aufgaben und Meilensteinen im Zeitplan, Kostenmanagement von Ui Computer

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    Do you want to improve your project management?

    • Mix of roles:
      Your employees have to manage projects "on the side" because you are supposed to be solving the technical tasks?
    • Overload:
      Are your project teams constantly running at the limit?
    • Schedule volatility:
      There is no permanently reliable planning?
    • Intransparency:
      You spend a lot of time on status meetings and escalations because every project is managed differently?

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    We support you in setting up and expanding your own project management and your successful project management team.


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    We develop with you the strategy, tactics and operational aspects for professional and successful project management. We also offer the success-critical change management through our change pilots.


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    We create role profiles with targeted criteria for employees with corresponding training programs focussing on practice. Our project-accompanying seminars offer full learning success with simultaneous project progress.


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    We define the right lean methodology for you (agile, classic or hybrid) and support its targeted implementation. In doing so, we take an agile approach to ensure rapid success and continuous improvement.


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    We support the selection of systems and integrated solutions for all project areas. In doing so, we focus on the most intuitive application, uncomplicated implementation, high scalability and favorable cost structure.


    Methodology myth

    All too often, there is a belief that methods, processes and tools can solve all problems. Especially in project management, this is a widespread myth. This is not to say that methods, processes and tools are unnecessary. They are necessary and useful. But only if they are used.

    A structured approach is an important basis for successful projects. Especially companies with a project-based business model therefore sensibly introduce methods and processes in order to achieve better control and, above all, a higher success rate through this standardization. However, expectations are often disappointed in the process. Why? There are five main reasons for this, which are also mutually dependent and mutually reinforcing.

    Inadequate compliance due to overwhelming standards

    Often the principle of mass instead of class applies. The well-known and quite sensible standards (PMP, IPMA, Prince2) are very comprehensive. In some companies, this is even surpassed by their own standards. However, if you look at reality, the compliance to these standards is often sobering.

    False hopes in seemingly new things

    Many standards are simply too extensive, and it is not without reason that agile methods are on the rise. Adaptive and iterative process models have been around for many decades, especially in the well-known standards. What has changed is primarily the vocabulary. The only thing that doesn't really want to happen is success.

    Lack of adaptation due to blue-eyed ideas

    Agile methods are not a magic wand either. They pursue important aspects such as continuous improvement with methods and processes that are as simple as possible. However, it is overlooked that these methods require a lot of discipline and are often nothing more than a framework. It is a misconception that this can be introduced so easily and that everything will suddenly run as if by itself.

    Poor implementation of lazy compromises

    Most companies are anything but agile. Agile methods require a not inconsiderable rethinking, especially in high and middle management. The agile approaches are often taken ad absurdum here in particular. So-called hybrid approaches are introduced. Unfortunately, the negative aspects of the hybrid partners tend to be combined here, rather than the best of both worlds as desired.

    Fear of transparency due to lack of trust

    As in so-called classic project management, the same applies in the agile world - transparency is the key to action, without transparency we are condemned to reaction. But transparency also has disadvantages, especially on a personal level. It's about people and your fears, it's about leadership and not hierarchical management, it's about significant change and not about simply introducing a few new processes.