• Postponed roll-out
    How often have you had to postpone a roll-out because the new software solution didn't work as promised?
  • Standstill and chaos after update
    How often have you heard of horror scenarios in which the entire business suddenly came to a standstill because nothing worked after the update?
  • Unrealized savings and profits
    How much of the promised improvements and savings with your new software solutions could you realize?
  • Cost explosion
    How much more did your software solutions cost and how often did the costs just explode at the end?

In the end, the success of software projects is always decided by the acceptance of the users - and thus the criteria of user-friendliness, quality and stability.

Let's face it:

  • How much time and budget do you plan for testing in your projects?
  • Do you have reliable figures on how much rework is to be expected due to bug fixing?
  • When in the project do your employees start testing?
  • How structured is testing?
  • How much manual work is necessary, how much automation is possible?
  • What tools do you use?
  • Which test and acceptance criteria do you apply?
  • What test coverage do you have and how do you control it?
  • How much transparency do your processes and tools provide?
Finger berühren Tablette mit Web-Technologie-Symbole und TESTING Inschrift, Web-Technologie-Konzept

Although huge progress has been made in this area and very good methods and processes exist, this area is still the stepchild in many projects. Especially for companies that are not directly involved in the software industry, and that is the majority. The software professionals show that it can be done. But this is of little use to you if providers of software solutions do not work as professionally when implementing them in your company. And unfortunately, this is still not uncommon.

We are masters of test management in classically and agilely managed projects. We support you in finding the best approach for functional and non-functional testing, explorative and risk-based testing and test-driven development.

Our test pilots and test managers provide support and results-driven management for

  • Selection of the most suitable approach for your project
  • Selection and implementation of the necessary infrastructure
  • Planning, implementation, control and monitoring of all test activities
  • Transparent reporting