We make projects & organizations successful

Because we not only know how to effectively combine processes, methods and tools. We do not fall for the myth of methodology, we work for people with people. Therefore, our focus is on the people in your company - your employees.



ayxano comes from the ancient Greek and means increase and growth.

We understand this to mean being better tomorrow than today by:

  • Improving the success rate of your projects
  • Increasing the maturity level through competent teams
  • Ensuring effectiveness through sensible methods
  • Increasing efficiency through adapted processes
  • Increasing transparency through high-performance systems and tools

Successful projects inspire. That's why we combine tried-and-tested procedures with the opportunities offered by innovative ideas, because only continuous further development ensures lasting success and an edge over the competition.

You can recognize the winners at the start - let's take off together.

Our goals

  • Make your projects shine
  • Inspire your teams
  • inspire your change
  • Cement your success

Our focus

  • Powerful organization - The key to your success
    Plan and implement the right strategy and align the values of your company with those of your employees.
  • Competent employees - the pulse of your company
    Encourage the commitment, performance and potential of your employees, through perfect alignment of career paths, training and performance coaching.
  • Demand-driven methodology - the basis for your competitiveness
    Focusing on lean processes and applicable methods to reduce complexity, continuously increase maturity and secure it permanently at all levels.
  • High-performance infrastructure - the engine for your efficiency
    Ensure transparency through digitalization based on modern systems and intuitive tools integrated into a functioning infrastructure with a focus on simplicity.

Our competences

  • Highly qualified partners with up to 30 years of experience
  • Project management - methods, processes, tools and systems
  • Test management - methods, processes, tools and systems
  • Change management - methods, processes, tools
  • Organizational development and talent management

Our values

  • Building trust: Honesty, openness, reliability and transparency.
  • Taking responsibility: Partnership with our customers at eye level
  • MAKE IT SIMPLE: No coulda, coulda, woulda, shoulda
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Our Portfolio

Project management

We accompany companies with few internal projects up to companies whose business model is based on a professional and successful implementation of their customer projects.

Organisational development

We build project teams and PMOs including planning and implementation of all measures in the important areas of organization, people, methodology and infrastructure.

Change management

No project without change components - No successful change without project management.
We offer project and change management from a single source.

Our Team

Flexibility and agility are not an invention of the agilists - their strength was already clearly described by Charles Darwin.

Above all, projects require the right resources, the best resources. The size of the source determines the availability.

To ensure that you always receive the best support and advice, we use a partner concept with experts from different fields. Partners who share our values as enthusiastic and experienced project and change management experts. Through this worldwide network, you will always receive the best staffing for your task.

Your client and first point of contact is always ayxano - this is how we assure you of compliance with our quality criteria for all services.