Known problems?  

Sluggish restructuring of your organization, despite many discussions no consensual goal, confused or frustrated employees, the new processes seem to make everything much worse, the new software solutions drag efficiency down - the chaos seems perfect.

The root cause analysis:

“Hey honey, I quit my job today. Been thinking about it for a while. Today was the right day.”

What do you expect? Shouts of jubilation? Enthusiasm? More likely a startled look, at best.  

People are critical of change. No matter how much positive there may be in it and how bad the status quo may be. There is hardly a change that does not  affect several people. There is hardly a project that does not have a change component.  

Solution approach: 

What is highly recommended in the private sector is critical to success, if not survival, in the business sector. 

Stakeholder management is a good start, and structured, well-tempered change management is the best way to minimize risks, maximize opportunities and, above all, avoid unnecessary conflicts that leave scorched earth in their wake.

Täuschungskonzept - Verkleidung zwischen Hai und Goldfisch

Competitiveness requires successful change processes and projects. If these are to succeed, modern management and support skills are required, both at the methodological and the socio-cultural level. 

Professional project management ensures process-oriented and stakeholder-focused leadership. However, this is only successful if change elements are also recognized and those affected are effectively supported in phases of upheaval. 

Project management and change management are disciplines that complement each other and must be applied together to ensure lasting success. 

Goals in change management

  • Resolve resistance  
  • Build competence 
  • Bringing people along  
  • Increase success rate

Success factors

  • Active "executive sponsorship” 
  • Structured change approach 
  • Dedicated change resources  
  • Employee engagement 
  • Frequent and open communication 
  • Integration with project management 
  • Involvement of all management levels 


  • Lack of sponsors  
  • Insufficient positioning   
  • Insufficient resources 
  • Resistance to the solution 
  • Lack of support  
  • Change averse culture  
  • Change oversaturation 

Our approach ADKAR®

We support you in preparation and implementation

Successful change and lasting change

Your company wants to introduce new methods and better processes? Are you planning new software to digitally support your workflows? Or are you thinking about a complete restructuring?

Then you need organizational change management in which everyone involved understands the changes, actively leads them, and sensibly implements the necessary measures. This is the only way to achieve the desired results.

As certified partners of Prosci ADKAR and Actee, we offer you the full range of services in the field of change management - from simple consulting to detailed analysis and planning to professional implementation.

In particular, we offer a brand new compact training on project management and change management. In four modules, participants gain in-depth knowledge and skills from these two closely related disciplines.


Change Manager

  • Experienced practitioners and certified experts
  • Take the horror out of change projects
  • Plan your project and realize it successfully
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Change Pilots

  • Coaching for your change managers
  • Helper in the background and bodyguard in case of emergency
  • Secure competence development in the ongoing project
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  • Certified Actee Partner for Change Management.
  • Virtually experience and optimize action and reaction.
  • Prepare for the realization of your changes.

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  • Certified Prosci ADKAR Change Management Partner.
  • State-of-the-art methods, processes and tools for lasting success.
  • From the introduction of new systems to organizational restructuring.

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  • Integrated compact training two roles one goal.
  • Change management competence for project managers.
  • Project Management Competence for Change Managers.

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